picture of evergreen cattery garden

our holiday chalets...

  • Evergreen Cattery consists of 24 extra large penthouse sleeping quarters which are almost twice the recommended minimum width, taking up to 4 cats from the same household if required.

  • Each chalet has its own fully insulated penthouse sleeping quarters which are raised above ground level and therefore away from any draughts.

  • Each one is individually heated being thermostatically controlled and includes a window to view the outside world in comfort.

  • Chalets are all equipped with a scratching post, balls and toys plus a viewing area shelf to laze on & watch the world go by.

  • Two of our chalets are for our elderly guests with low level sleeping quarters.

  • Units are serviced with a hotel style routine in the morning and are cleaned and tidied throughout, then regularly checked at different times during the day and evening.

  • Adequate litter trays depending on the cats needs are supplied, with soiled trays changed multiple times day.

  • Vacated unit accessories are all removed washed and disinfected, with the unit thoroughly washed and disinfected throughout before it is reoccupied.

  • Virkon S disinfectant used throughout as recommended by DEFRA and FAB.